About Broadway Technologies: 2-way Radios, Walkie Talkies, Radio Repeaters, Base Stations, Pagers, Radio Scanners, Surveillance Kits and more

Broadway Technologies was originally established in Ware Shoals, SC in 2004 by Matthew Pirkle and a partner. Kenneth Pirkle started working with Broadway Technologies in 2005 and eventually purchased Davids shares later that year.

Matt and Ken both worked with Morris Communications. Matt was a radio sales manager at Emerald Systems. Ken served in the Air Force with the 5th combat communications squad then was employed by CP Communications. He then formed Innovative Spectator Products Company with a partner after developing the world’s smallest racing scanner. (RaceCeiver) He sold the business to his partner in 2004.

Broadway Technologies Inc. was incorporated in 2006 and currently has an office in Williamston, SC.  Ken maintained some of the technical rights for a few of his previous products and with Matt’s suggestions, the SafeCeiver was born.

Customer service is our #1 goal as we continue to provide 2-way radio solutions for all market shares.

Mission statement

We specialize in digital and analog 2-way radio products with a personal focus on educating our customers on the current RF technologies, that will meet or exceed their needs and expectations