Maintenance Contracts

Our company also offers maintenance contracts that are designed to fit your specific needs.

Put your Motorola communication equipment on a certified Maintenance Agreement with Broadway Technologies today and start saving time and money before it’s too late.

The Key Benefits are:

  • Protect Your Investment – Keep your radio equipment operating in peak condition
  • Priority Service – Our service contract customers always have First Priority
  • Fast Turnaround Time – Have your radio equipment working again, faster
  • No Surprises – Never worry about receiving a high repair bill again
  • Minimize Down Time – Reduce time lost because of equipment failure
  • Control Repair Costs – Be in control of your radio equipment repair costs

Avoid Service Outages

If your company relies on its two-way radio communications to perform, then you can’t afford any extended outages. Unfortunately, it’s entirely possible for your system to go down without notice, requiring immediate maintenance to make sure your business can communicate the way that it needs. For business who need constantly reliable communications, one of the best tools to have at disposal is a maintenance contract. Maintenance contracts allow your radios to get the service they need, whenever it’s needed, securing your business’s communications at all times. Read on to learn about the benefits of maintenance contracts for your Motorola radio service and how they can help secure your communications no matter the situation.

The Benefits of Maintenance Contracts

The primary benefit of signing a maintenance contract for your two-way radios is that it helps to protect your investment by maintaining the quality of your equipment and communications. When you get a maintenance contract from a trusted provider like Broadway Technologies you’ll get the type of priority service that ensures your equipment will be repaired quickly and effectively.

Lastly, maintenance contracts help to lower both your repair bills and the amount of downtime associated with radio equipment malfunctions. If your business relies on constant communications, maintenance contracts are the perfect solution for you.

Contact us for a maintenance contract that will fit your needs and expenses.