Motorola BPR™ 40 Portable Radio


Standard Package Includes: Analog Only
– 8 Channel Model (Mag One Battery NiMH, 1200 mAh – PMNN4071_R
– 16 Channel Model (Mag One Battery Li-ion, 1500 mAh – PMNN4075_R
– Mag One Tri – Chemistry Rapid Charger Kit (includes PMLN5041_R Base
EPNN9288 – Power Supply with AC Cord – PMLN5048_R)”
– Mag One Antenna (VHF PMAD4051_R / UHF PMAE4020_R)
– Mag One Spring Belt Clip (PMLN4743)
– Operating Instruction Manual
– Warranty: One Year
– Portable: One Year
– Mag One Accessories (except batteries): Six Months
– All Other Accessories (includes Mag One Battery and Motorola accessories): One Year



The BPR™40 portable two-way radio delivers reliable, intuitive communication through 8 channels and 2 programmable buttons. The high-/low-power option saves battery charge. Features such as nuisance channel delete and repeater talkaround make the radio a versatile, high-performance device. The BPR-40 (BPR 40) is part of the Mag One™ by Motorola radio portfolio. This affordable solution gives remarkable quality and value that is perfect for your business, and comes with a complete assortment of accessories to customize your radio.


Due to the FCC Narrowbanding mandate in the United States, product specifications and brochures for Motorola Solutions two-way radio products may indicate 25 kHz/12.5 kHz analog/digital operation which may not be the standard mode of operation at the time of shipment after Jan. 1st 2013.

Group communication
Operates over 8 or 16 channels.

Programmable buttons
Allow versatile customization of radio.

Diecast chassis
Small, lightweight, yet sturdy frame is built to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Flexible power
Offers high-power or low-power option, to save battery charge.

Nuisance channel delete
Temporarily removes undesired channel from a scan.

Repeater talkaround
Bypasses repeater and dispatcher for unit-to-unit communication.

Priority channel
Scans for higher-priority channel.

Tight/normal squelch
Filters out unwanted interference and enhances audio clarity.

Additional information

Model Frequency Band

UHF: 450-470 MHz, VHF: 150-174 MHz


4W, 5W


Download Brochure: Motorola_BPR40_Portable_Radio

Download Spec Sheet: mag_one_bpr40_spec_sheet


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